Maschine 2 Expansion – Decoded Forms 1.0.0

Download Maschine 2 Expansion – Decoded Forms 1.0.0 macOS free latest full version direct torrent download link offline setup.DECODED FORMS blazes with deconstructed breaks, evolving pads, disruptive bass, and crisp drums to bring the post-jungle kaleidoscope to MASCHINE.

Official Description Maschine 2 Expansion – Decoded Forms 1.0.0

Popularized in funk songs of the 60s and 70s, the break was reimagined by the hip hop stylings of DJs and b-boys who sampled the sounds in their sets. Dancefloors in the UK soon caught on, with chopped up breaks as the sped-up backbone of jungle tracks. Then came Autonomic, footwork, and the shifting 80/160 and 85/170 tempos of slow/fast, embraced by artists rejecting the machismo of drum and bass. A new form of music – post jungle – emerged, a synergetic fusion of all that came before. DECODED FORMS was created in collaboration with dBridge and Kabuki.


DECODED FORMS blazes with disruptive bass and crisp drums. At its core are four iconic drum breaks from the 70s, chosen for their contextual versatility. Each one was meticulously recorded to capture the flavor and sonic character of the original. After extending the loops with improvised phrases, kits were created with each sound deconstructed, dissected, and dismantled into mix-and-match pieces. Additionally, spacey pads and warm chords give the expansion lush, atmospheric texture.



Raw drum hits and one-shots come DAW-ready – plus tempo-based construction loops give you building blocks for inspiration.

  • 170 Construction Loops
  • 230 Drum Samples
  • 177 One Shots


Kits come pre-assembled for MASCHINE and BATTERY, with color coding for BATTERY and FX-enhanced kits for MASCHINE.

  • 33 BATTERY Kits
  • 42 MASCHINE Kits


Customizable presets for MASSIVE, MONARK, and PRISM by top sound designers give you the perfect sounds for your genre.

  • 19 MASSIVE Presets
  • 5 MONARK Presets
  • 1 REAKTOR PRISM Preset


MASCHINE owners get editable patterns for building ideas fast. Plus, multi-effects macros that are custom-made for your sounds.

  • 8 Projects
  • 166 Patterns
  • 26 Drum Synth Presets
  • 33 Sample Instruments

Maschine 2 Expansion – Decoded Forms 1.0.0 macOS Free Download

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